High performance file archiver using RK format

WinRK is a new high performance file archiver. Built from the ground up for better compression and security, it provides the best platform for managing and creating file archives.

WinRK supports all the most common archive formats in use today, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR and ISO. WinRK's ZIP support is fully compatible with both the Zip64 standard and the new WinZIP AES encryption standard. This means that ZIP files created with WinRK can take advantage of file and archive sizes of over 4GB, along with strong encryption capabilities. The ZIP deflate and deflate64 algorithms have been improved as well, providing 10-20% smaller archives in most cases, without loosing any compatibility!

WinRK also provides a new high performance RK archive format. This format was designed from the outset to remove many of the limitations of older archive formats, and so provides much better compression and security than other formats. It supports a virtually unlimited archive size, which makes it ideal for very large backups. It also provides compression options ranging from fast and efficient, all the way to a 'spare no cost' approach which provides the very best compression ratios in the world.



WinRK 2.1.6